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Do you Know the Truth About Your Health? The Risk Factor Many Americans Don’t Know

If I were to ask you to describe your health right now, what would you say?

Would you explain that you’re feeling quite well or maybe that you have been under the weather for the past few days? Many of us think of our health in terms of the here and now. However, there are bigger issues at hand. Continue reading “Do you Know the Truth About Your Health? The Risk Factor Many Americans Don’t Know” »

How to Sleep Better This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a little chaotic for most people. Searching for gifts, planning parties and organizing family get-togethers can bring on serious stress.

Stress is powerful. It causes people to feel irritable and nervous, as well as to fight with people around them.

Beyond the emotional consequences of stress are several physical symptoms. People notice fatigue, headache and muscle tension, among several others. A study from the American Institute of Stress reported that 48% of respondents reported lying awake at night due to stress. Continue reading “How to Sleep Better This Holiday Season” »

This or That: Holiday Meal Edition

Welcome to the holiday themed edition of “This or That,” where we help you make the tough calls this holiday season!

We’ll take a look at the traditional dishes that might be set on your table this year, describing how to make healthy choices.

Holiday Meals: This or That?holiday meal

Wine or Wine Spritzer

Opt for the wine spritzer this year. Replace just 2 ounces of your white wine with club soda. The zero-calorie soda makes your drink that much lighter, but you still get to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Dark Meat or White Meat

If you’re carving a turkey this year for the family meal, choose the white meat for yourself. Dark meat has about 40% more calories than white meat.

Continue reading “This or That: Holiday Meal Edition” »

Holiday Heart Syndrome: Reduce Your Risk

Hearts are full this time of year as families gather together for celebrations. We might say our hearts are at peace or overflowing with delight. It’s a special time of year — but it also proves to be a dangerous season for our hearts.

Holiday heart syndrome is a pattern of irregular heartbeat that shows up in otherwise healthy people. The trend is not imaginary. Research shows a rise in heart attacks during the holiday season. Continue reading “Holiday Heart Syndrome: Reduce Your Risk” »