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How to Stay Healthy When Working a 9-5

Happy Work Life Enrichment Month! Celebrated each year in April, this awareness month is all about finding the balance between your personal and professional life. Not only is this balance important for your sanity and your stress level, but it’s also vital for your health.

One aspect of work-life balance that many people struggle with is finding time to manage their health amidst the hustle and bustle of their career. It can be tough to carve out time to hit the gym or prepare a healthy meal when project deadlines are looming.

Struggling to stay healthy as you work your 9-5? Here are some tips that should help!

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The Importance of STD Education for Adults

Often when you hear about STD education, it’s in reference to teenagers and young adults.

While it is extremely important that this age group is aware of the facts and prevention methods for STDs, focusing all education efforts on the young creates a misconception that older populations don’t need to be educated on STDs.

Even if you were schooled in high school sex ed and have experienced sex firsthand over the years, there’s still a need for you to refresh your STD education as an adult. Here are a few reasons why you should brush up on your STD awareness.

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How Do You Know if You Have a Problem With Alcoholism?

In April 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. established Alcohol Awareness Month, and it has been celebrated annually since.

Being aware of alcohol use not only means educating yourself and others on the dangers of alcohol addiction and keeping an eye out for loved ones who may have an alcohol problem — it also means watching for the signs of alcoholism in your own habits.

Too often, social drinking can turn into an alcohol problem. Here are some signs to watch for when you think you may have a problem with alcoholism.

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Celebrate World Health Day This April 7

World Health Day was started in 1950 to celebrate the formation of the World Health Organization (WHO). Held annually on April 7, each year World Health Day spotlights a different public health issue.

This year, World Health Day is focused on vector-borne diseases that more than half of the worldwide population is at risk for catching.

Here are the details on this year’s World Health Day.

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