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Take Holiday Stress Seriously & Fight it With These Tips!

Neverending shopping lists. Wrapping. Cookie baking. Cleaning houses for guests. Sending out the cards. Pulling out the tree.

Somehow, around the holidays, chores compile and overwhelm, dimming the merriest of spirits.

Holiday stress shouldn’t be taken lightly, as your mental health can take a serious toll around this time of year. Here are our tips for keeping holiday stress in check!

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‘Tis the Season for DNA Testing!

Though they are used frequently in legal proceedings, DNA tests aren’t just useful for law enforcement, attorneys, and government agencies. And paternity tests aren’t the only types people use for their personal purposes, either.

DNA testing is also an excellent way for people conducting ancestry research to learn more about their genetic background.

You can get a quick, painless DNA test at nationwide Test Smartly Labs any time of the year, but we think the holidays are a great time to kick start your genetic research.

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Why You Should Still Get Your Flu Shot

You may have seen some alarmist headlines over the past few days proclaiming that this year’s flu shot doesn’t work and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are apologizing for its ineffectiveness.

However, we’re here with the facts about the CDC’s recent press release and what it really means.

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Prioritize Your Health This Winter

With the busiest of seasons upon us, it’s very easy for people to focus on immediate tasks — buy! wrap! decorate! clean! cook! — and let more important, long-term concerns — their health, in particular — fall to the wayside.

We’re sharing some easy ways that you can keep your health at the top of your to-do list during the holidays, and beyond.

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