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Gluten Free Alternatives for Your Everyday Life

Going gluten free all the rage, and might be considered a fad. However, for people diagnosed with celiac disease, removing the infamous and villainous protein is a necessity.

With the public awareness of gluten higher than ever, many gluten free alternatives to American diet staples have made their way to grocery store shelves and restaurant menus to meet market demand.

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Stroke Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

May is American Stroke Month. As part of this initiative, Test Smartly Labs is sharing stroke prevention tips.

First, the basics on strokes: a stroke is like an attack on the brain, and it’s an event that nearly 800,000 Americans experience every year. Strokes happen when blood isn’t able to circulate to the brain, causing blood cells to die. Knowing the warning signs of a stroke and understanding stroke prevention can mean avoiding this particularly hazardous condition.

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What is Celiac Disease, Anyway?

Gluten free diets have been popular in the past few years. While some people who go gluten free are trying a fad, people who have celiac disease must adhere to a gluten free diet or risk becoming seriously ill.

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, we are breaking down the basics on what Celiac Disease is and how it affects real people!

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High School Students & Substance Abuse: Watch Out for Use Around Prom, Graduation

For high school students, the end of the school year is generally a time for celebration.

Not only are classes about to end, but two big events — prom and graduation — are finally here, and it’s time to make memories.

Too often, though, memory-making turns to tragedy when teens choose to indulge in drugs and alcohol that impair them.

If you are a parent or school administrator that thinks teen drug or alcohol use isn’t a problem, consider these sobering statistics about substance abuse among teenagers:



Test Smartly Labs has some tips for parents and school officials who want to curb teen substance abuse this prom and graduation season.

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