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Healthy Lunches to Go

Health conditions, food allergies, and food sensitivities require many people to watch what they eat. Diligence is one thing at home, but finding something quick and easy to take to work is a completely different animal. We know that eating healthy food is important, but many times lunch proves to be the most difficult meal to meet dietary restrictions. Sometimes we’re unprepared. Sometimes we’re too busy. Sometimes we just don’t want to prepare healthy lunches. Skipping meals or choosing bad-for-you options like fast food are very real possibilities. Rather than succumb to unhealthy temptations, we’ve put together a list of tasty, easy and good-for-you recipes to take to work.fresh  tortilla wraps with vegetables on the plate

Not a Bad Wrap

Wraps are some of the easiest and delicious recipes we know. You can make them in minutes and the possibilities for different ingredients or flavors are seemingly endless. You can pair your favorite wrap with some fresh fruit and veggies for a healthy, delicious lunch to fuel your body for the rest of your work day.

Turkey Avocado Wrap

In a whole wheat wrap — or gluten-free wrap depending on your food allergies — spread a small amount of mayonnaise, wrap up some sliced roasted turkey, avocado, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. You can jazz the recipe up with a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and a squeeze of lime juice. Tired of turkey? Not a problem. You can use chicken or shrimp to give the wrap some variety.

Cobb Salad Wrap

Using the wrap of your choice, use sliced chicken and ham with lettuce, tomato, hard-boiled egg and some fat free ranch dressing. If you want to make it really special, throw in some sliced avocado and turkey bacon for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Make It Work for You

If you know what your body’s needs are, you can tailor your diet to maximize your health and wellness. Knowing what foods you can and can’t have is key to an optimal diet for you. Test Smartly Labs offers allergy testing, vitamins and minerals deficiency testing, and cholesterol testing so you can know what you should eat to get healthier and feel better.

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The Benefits of Telehealth

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows individuals to get doctor visits over the phone. This service enables people to get diagnosed and prescribed medication without a physical visit to a doctor’s office. telehealthNot only is this service convenient, but it is an effective way to get remote medical care to those who might not be able to get medical care otherwise.

Advantages of Telehealth

1. No more waiting in germ-ridden waiting rooms. Especially for children, going to the doctor’s office can increase their chances of getting sick. For example, research has found that children under age six who went to the doctor for an annual appointment had a 3.2% higher probability of experiencing flu-like symptoms.

2. Convenience. Rather than waiting days, and sometimes weeks, for an appointment, you can get a diagnosis and even prescriptions via phone in just one day. This means that you’ll get better sooner and be at a lower risk of getting others sick, too.

3. Remote medical care. Unfortunately, there are still many areas in the U.S. where people don’t have adequate access to a physician. Telehealth enables doctors to reach individuals in these under-served areas and provide them with the care that they need to keep the population healthy and help prevent epidemics. As it stands today, only 11% of the nation’s doctors work in rural areas, despite the fact that 20% of Americans living in these areas. Telehealth has the potential to change the lives of those living in rural areas where access to adequate medical care is scarce.

Quality Telehealth Services

Test Smartly Labs provides affordable and convenient telehealth services to both individuals and employers. The Test Smartly Labs telehealth program works to people give access to high-quality telehealth providers at a low monthly price. The program includes several different convenient and effective services. Patients get doctor visits by phone, including diagnosis and prescription of medication.They also have a prescription discount card, which offerssavings from 10% to 85% on prescriptions at 60,000 pharmacies. Doctors are available over email or voicemail at all times. Finally, Nurseline™ registered nurses are also available to answer any health questions.

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Sit Down Restaurants Can be Just as Bad as Fast Food

Think you’re cutting calories by avoiding fast food and eating a sit-down dinner? Not so fast.
According to recent research, people eat more salt and cholesterol in sit-down settings than fastfood restaurants.
While fast food is certainly not a healthy option, people should be careful not to assume sit-downs are much better.

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New California Vaccination Law

Gov. Jerry Brown Signed Senate Bill 277 into Law

After many months of speculation and uncertainty, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on June 30 Senate Bill 277. The law requires most California children to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private schools, regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs. California now will permit only medical exemptions as legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated

Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, said, “The science is clear. Californians have spoken. The governor and Legislature have spoken,” adding that the law would help to prevent more outbreaks of preventable diseases. Concerns over the spread of diseases as a result of parents not vaccinating their children rose in December during a measles outbreak at Disneyland. By the time the outbreak was over in April, there were 136 measles cases in California alone, and about 20% of those cases required hospitalization. Proponents of the bill said that this could have been prevented if more children had been required to be vaccinated.vaccine law

Support for the Bill

Supporters of the bill hope that it will send a strong message to the rest of the country. Only two other states, Mississippi and West Virginia, have similar laws. Proponents hope that other states will follow California’s lead in taking steps to have stronger restrictions on who can be exempt from vaccines, as they consider it a matter of public health. No state “wants to continue to see (outbreaks) happen in their neighborhoods,” Pan said.

Health and education organizations across the state support the bill. These organizations include the California Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics of California, California State PTA, California Immunization Coalition, and the California Children’s Hospital Association.

Titers Testing

Test Smartly Labs provide titers testing, which can gauge your immunity to certain vaccine-preventable diseases. If you have lost your vaccination records and need to prove that you have had the correct shots, titer testing is essential. With the new California law, many parents will need to show records that their children have been vaccinated. Wellness-certified locations also can provide some vaccinations, such as the flu shot, MMR, and TDap. Put your and your children’s health first and find your nearest Test Smartly Labs location today.