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What You Should Know About This Year’s Flu Shot

Are you a little weary about getting the flu shot this year?

We don’t blame you.

Last year, the CDC admitted that the flu vaccine in rotation was not as effective in fighting the flu as experts had hoped, all due to an antigenic H3N2 strain that wasn’t protected against in 2014-15’s batch of flu shots. H3N2 was the most common strain of influenza last year and around half of them were drift variants.

Still, you can’t let last year’s flu shot effect whether or not you get this year’s. In fact, even when the shot is admittedly not as effective, you should still get it.

Here’s why it’s not a good idea to skip the flu shot this year — and the good news about 2015-16’s vaccine.

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Why Participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project™?

Think of your favorite Halloween memories from your childhood.

Chances are they involve costumes, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and lots and lots of candy.

For the 1 in 13 children who have food allergies, though, Halloween can have a less-happy association: the time spent sorting through the candy bucket and tossing out the treats that can’t be consumed.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) has taken steps to change the holiday for these kids, making it more inclusive and friendly for those with food allergies. Here’s how.

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Breast Cancer Basics: Risks for the Disease

As you’ve probably gathered from the proliferation of pink ribbons and the word spread on social media, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s a great time to learn the basics on breast cancer, which includes knowing the risk factors for the disease.

We’re sharing what women should know to potentially reduce their likelihood of developing breast cancer.

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With Healthcare Open Enrollment Impending, Know Your Options

Have you marked November 1st on your calendar?

It’s an important day, as it marks the start of Open Enrollment for 2016 plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Likewise, at many companies, open enrollment occurs around the same time, allowing employees to weigh their options.

When you’re making decisions that affect cost of medical care, you should consider all the choices you have. This includes nontraditional healthcare, such as telehealth.

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