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High Blood Pressure & Stroke: Preventative Measures 

High blood pressure is a health condition that affects many Americans. One out of four men and women have hypertension which seldom shows side effects.

If not treated quickly, it can lead to heart and kidney disease, stroke, and even heart failure. There are steps you can take to lower your blood pressure and prevent stroke.

Here are a few for you to consider.

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Celiac Disease or Food Allergies? 

Though many people confuse celiac disease and wheat intolerance, there is a distinct difference between celiac disease and food allergies.

A person may be allergic to wheat but not have their small intestine react the way it does with celiac disease. The digestive disease often causes serious complications if left untreated.

Food allergies pose equally troublesome side effects that sometimes have fatal consequences if ignored.

Learn the difference between these conditions; read on below!

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Osteoporosis & Arthritis: Warning Signs & Prevention

Do you know the difference between osteoporosis and arthritis? If you do, do you know what warning signs to look for and what preventative measures to take to prevent symptoms from worsening?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. A lot of people overlook their aches and pains because they aren’t aware of where they’re coming from.

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Women: Check Out These 5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Women are seldom urged to care for their mental health with the same emphasis that is given to good physical health. That’s why it’s up to you to see the connection between mind and body. When you feel good mentally, you can’t help but feel good physically and vice versa.

Rather than neglect one area of your health in favor of another, why not focus on ways to boost your mental health, too? The following suggestions strengthen your mind, provide relief from stress, and put you first.

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