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Sleep is the Key to College Success

Sleep is restorative.

It is the answer to college success because when the body is rested, the mind is clear. You have an easier time focusing on the things that matter to you academically and professionally. Rest is imperative to good health and your overall well-being.

College students are among the most sleep-deprived populations in the world according to sleep college studies. Academic and economic demands make it easy for young men and women to skip out on sleep in favor of studying and working. Sleep college studies have proven that many students suffer from insomnia which affects how their brains process information. Tired men and women are more likely to have an accident, too. Continue reading “Sleep is the Key to College Success” »

3 Ways Vaccines Have Changed the World

Getting a vaccine today is a routine part of health care.

However, the world was not always so fortunate. Many diseases used to ravage entire populations. Fortunately, many of these diseases have been nearly eradicated. Although vaccines can be a bit controversial, a vaccine can also be said to be so powerful that it has the ability to change the world. Here are three ways that has happened over the centuries.

A Vaccine for Smallpox

The roots of smallpox go back as far as 10,000 BCE. During the 18th century, thousands of people in Europe died from the disease, which also spread to North America as European explorers began looking for new territory to exploit. Indigenous populations in the Americas were decimated by the illness. It took decades to develop a reliable smallpox vaccine, but in 1980, scientists announced that the disease had been eradicated.

An End to Polio

Millions of people around the world were afflicted with polio before a vaccine was developed to control it. This nerve-destroying virus caused pain, disablement and death for people in Europe and the Americas. Perhaps the most famous person to suffer from the disease was President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk made a world-changing announcement about his discovery of a polio vaccine. Eventually, the disease would be eradicated from industrialized nations, though some developing nations are still forced to distribute the vaccine to keep the disease under control.

The Whooping Cough and Diphtheria Vaccine

Like smallpox and polio, whooping cough and diphtheria used to be major problems in the U.S, Europe and in other regions. Today, a successful vaccine has virtually eradicated these illnesses, saving many lives and keeping children out of the hospital. It is extremely unusual to see cases of either of these diseases being diagnosed in the U.S., particularly in locales where the vast majority of the population receives the recommended schedule of vaccines.

Vaccines have saved many lives over the decades – whole colonies and families. Although there are some vaccines today that have not always proven to have the desired results, the history of vaccines tells a greater story.

Struggling With Infertility? Here’s What You Should Do

Infertility is a problem that many couples deal with on a daily basis. Many want to have children but simply can’t get pregnant or carry a baby to full term without miscarriage.

If you have had trouble with infertility, there are some things you should do to help you or your partner to become more fertile.

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Men: Do You Suffer from Low Testosterone? 

In a physical sense, testosterone is what makes a man a man. It makes his voice deeper, his muscles larger and is responsible for his sex drive.

Testosterone levels tend to peak for men in their 20s. By the time a man reaches his 30s, he’s more likely to experience low testosterone.

A man who has low testosterone is subject to various symptoms. Awareness of these symptoms makes it possible to get tested for low testosterone and seek treatment.

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