4 Essential Lab Tests for Women of All Ages

No one enjoys having their blood drawn, but blood testing provides essential information. By looking at the results of blood testing, experienced technicians or your doctor can understand how well your body is performing, and make recommendations for further screenings. Regardless of their age, every woman should undergo four blood tests.

1. Vitamin D Blood Testing

Measuring how much vitamin D a woman has is vital for understanding bone strength and other basic functioning. A vitamin D deficiency is common in older women because of less sun exposure and less efficient vitamin D processing. Regular blood testing for a vitamin D deficiency may not be necessary, but it’s a good idea to have it checked periodically to ensure that vitamin D levels are approximately 30 nanograms/milliliters.

2. Blood Sugar Blood Testing

Diabetes is extraordinarily common, and it can be deadly. Many women have the disease, but are not aware of it. It’s recommended to have blood glucose levels checked once a year. This may prevent the development of life-threatening complications.

3. Thyroid Blood Testing

The thyroid may simply be a gland in the neck, but it’s extremely important. When the thyroid malfunctions, many troubling symptoms can ensue. Women are far more likely to have an underactive or overactive thyroid, which makes testing critical. Symptoms of thyroid problems can include fatigue, increasing appetite, weak muscles, brittle hair and rapid heartbeat. A thyroid blood test provides crucial information regarding the individual’s health.

4. Liver Blood Testing

The liver is an important organ. Without a properly functioning liver, numerous health complications arise. A liver blood test reveals whether or not the organ has been injured. This is critical because the liver is responsible for filtering toxins out of the blood. When the liver is not functioning normally, immediate medical attention is required.

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