4 Lab Tests to Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Every year when January 1 rolls around, the gyms get packed and the health food aisles grow sparse. Most people commit themselves to diet and exercise plans blindly, without real regard for how effective they’ll be.

While we applaud any attempt to get healthy, we also think that it’s important that realistic and achievable resolutions are made. Fortunately, there are a number of basic lab tests that can help you learn more about your individual health and achieve resolutions in 2016!

Lab Tests for Your Health Resolutions

Wellness DNA Testing

Our wellness DNA tests analyze your unique genes to determine what diet and exercise will be most effective for you.

If you have had trouble losing weight in the past, feel bloated after eating, or still felt hungry after a meal, this simple DNA test can help you by providing insight into how your unique genetic makeup changes your necessary diet or exercise.

Vitamins & Minerals Testing

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can have a negative impact on your health, affecting energy, mental clarity, skin health, immune system health, metabolism, weight, and more.

With this simple blood test, you can see what vitamins and minerals are lacking to determine how to adjust or supplement your diet.

Cholesterol Testing

High cholesterol can increase the risk for stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and more. If you’re making decisions about your diet this new year and don’t know your cholesterol levels, you should get a quick, simple test so that you make informed decisions regarding what to eat. This is especially truly since there is such a thing as “good” cholesterol that’s affected by your diet.

Our cholesterol panels can include information on your HDL and LDL levels, triglycerides, LDL:HDL ratio, and total cholesterol.

Food Allergy Testing

Planning to alter your diet? Gaining weight for an unknown reason? Food allergy testing can help you. We offer a range of panels from basic to more extensive screens to help identify potential allergens. Our tests can determine if you should cut a certain food or food group, like grains or dairy, from your diet.

Start Your Resolution Off Right

Get ready to make your resolutions happen. Armed with lab results, you can better tackle your health issues and take control of your wellness!

To get started, contact your local Test Smartly Labs to learn more about their lab testing services.

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