5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cholesterol

With September being Cholesterol Education Month, this is a good time to learn about this heart disease risk factor. You already know that it’s important to have your doctor check your numbers, but your cholesterol education needs to go further. Use Cholesterol Education Month as your opportunity to discover new information.

1. Fasting May Be Unnecessary

Traditional cholesterol education suggested that people had to fast before being tested for LDL cholesterol. A new study says that not fasting produces a more realistic picture. Increase your cholesterol education by asking your doctor about fasting.

2. Cholesterol Education Insight: Cholesterol Can Be Good

Optimum cell function depends upon cholesterol. It’s important to realize during Cholesterol Education Month that your body produces cholesterol in sufficient amounts. Cholesterol education teaches that the trouble happens because the body turns ingested substances, like fats, into cholesterol, resulting in a surplus.

3. Cholesterol Levels Increase with Age

Everyone’s body starts producing more cholesterol around the age of 60. This effect is especially pronounced in women. Accordingly, part of your learning during Cholesterol Education Month could focus on ways to combat these rising levels as you age.

4. High Cholesterol Doesn’t Have to Lead to Heart Disease

Some people seem to win the genetic lottery when it comes to high cholesterol as they never develop heart disease. As part of Cholesterol Education Month, it’s important to realize that cholesterol is just one risk factor for heart disease, which is why achieving overall health is the goal.

5. Cholesterol-free Foods Raise Cholesterol

Fats in food and beverages turn into cholesterol in the body. Accordingly, eating too much cholesterol-free food can still lead to trouble.

Cholesterol Education Month only happens once a year, but you can increase your knowledge by asking your doctor for more tips related to cholesterol education.

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