5 Ways to Make a Difference During Lung Cancer Awareness Month

With November being Lung Cancer Awareness Month, this is the perfect opportunity to better understand the disease and how anyone can make a difference in the fight against it. Of course, true lung cancer awareness shouldn’t be a once-a-year thing. Make it an all-year event by using these methods to make a difference.

1. Contact Congress About Lung Cancer

The Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act was introduced in May to the House of Representatives and the Senate. If it passes, the act will help to create a national screening strategy that will increase lung cancer awareness as well as promote methods of early detection of lung cancer. You can boost lung cancer awareness among elected officials by contacting them.

2. Go To a Lung Cancer Awareness Event

Events will take place all over the country throughout November. Visit the Lung Cancer Alliance’s website to find lung cancer events near you. Alternatively, the Alliance can help you host an event of your own.

3. Shop in Support of the Cause

Lung cancer awareness t-shirts are available at the Lung Cancer Alliance website. Be sure to wear one to a lung cancer event. You can also show your support by shopping through Amazon Smile. Buy absolutely anything on the website, and choose Lung Cancer Alliance as your charity of choice.

4. Make a Donation

Funds are desperately needed in the fight against lung cancer. Any money you donate will be used to fuel research as well as awareness and prevention campaigns.

5. Use Social Media

The hashtag #ShareHope is going to be huge this month. Be sure to share statistics on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Lung cancer awareness can be a major focus for you all year if you make a difference with these five methods.

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