American Heart Month: Taking Care of Your Heart Health

February is designated American Heart Month, the perfect time for individuals to begin prioritizing their heart health.

We’ve written extensively about how you can easily monitor and improve your heart health, what heart disease is, and how you can prevent it.

Today, we’re exploring how basic lab tests can help you monitor your heart health.

Your Numbers & Heart Health

Lab Tests to Gauge Heart Health

There are a number of lab tests that are useful when measuring your heart health. Read on for some of the screenings we offer that can help you get an accurate picture of your heart’s health and function.

Cholesterol Panel

Our cholesterol panels include important information on your cholesterol, which directly impacts your heart health.  They can include measurements of HDL  (“good cholesterol”), LDL (“bad cholesterol”), LDL:HDL ratio, and total cholesterol. All of these numbers are key since your body needs to have appropriate levels of each type of cholesterol to keep your heart healthy.

Lipid Panel

Lipid panels are typically used for cardiac risk assessment. With these test results, your physician can evaluate what treatment will work best to prevent heart disease or if your current treatment plan is working.

Lipids are groups of fats and fat-like substances that are important sources of energy. Tests included in this panel are total, LDL, and HDL cholesterol; and triglycerides.

C-Reactive Protein

This protein is produced during inflammation, making it directly linked to heart disease risk. With inflammation of the arteries, there is a higher chance of developing heart disease and other cardiac issues, like heart attack and stroke.

The C-reactive protein test will indicate a higher risk for heart disease and other related heart problems.

How is Your Heart Health? Learn With Test Smartly Labs!

To see the status of your heart health this February, visit your nearest Test Smartly Labs today. We provide accurate results so you can evaluate your health.

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