Be Educated About the Current Status of AIDS for World AIDS Day

With 2016’s World AIDS Day happening so recently, it’s no wonder that more people are seeking testing for HIV. Even with all of the awareness that events like World AIDS Day creates, the fact remains that 40 percent of the population at any given time doesn’t know their HIV status. With AIDS continuing to be such a devastating disease in all corners of the world, observing World AIDS Day is just as important now as it was in 1988.

World AIDS Day

For nearly 30 years, people around the world have observed December 1 as World AIDS Day. It’s an opportunity to commemorate those who have passed and also to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. Efforts on behalf of World AIDS Day have helped to raise money for research and have encouraged people to get tested for HIV.

Know Your AIDS Risk

Now is the perfect time for anyone to raise their awareness of AIDS and HIV. You may be more at risk for contracting this disease if you engage in risky sex practices or share needles. An infected mother may be able to pass HIV on to her child. By practicing safe sex, using only sterile needles and knowing your HIV status, you can avoid exposing others to AIDS.

Get Tested for World AIDS Day

Getting tested is painless and doesn’t take much time. Plus, you’ll gain tremendous peace of mind from knowing your status. If your test is negative, then it’s time to redouble your efforts to protect yourself. If it’s positive, then it’s crucial that you seek medical treatment immediately.

A Positive Prognosis

The good news is that HIV and AIDS treatments are more effective than ever before. Many people are leading long, healthy lives even with an infection. Getting tested is an important first step.

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