What DNA Reveals About You

Today we use DNA tests to tell us just about anything, It can help exonerate an innocent man sitting on death row, as well as help a woman determine the father of her child. Continue reading “What DNA Reveals About You” »

Immigration DNA Testing 101

Familial relationships can help foreigners become legal U.S. residents, DNA tests are an extremely valuable immigration tool.

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Lab Collections vs. At-Home DNA Testing

With the over-the-counter availability of at-home DNA testing kits, many individuals may think they don’t need lab-based services. While it’s true that these cheap kits may provide answers to your questions, the accuracy of results, lack of legal admissibility, and quality of the test invalidates any initial cost savings.  Continue reading “Lab Collections vs. At-Home DNA Testing” »

What Happens During Paternity Testing? 

Paternity testing is a subject that often appears in media reports.

It may also be a subject that crops up in your life.

When it does, it pays to be informed about the paternity testing process.

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Why Opt for Court-Admissible Paternity Testing? 


If you’re wondering about the paternity of a child and needing to quickly confirm or deny a biological relationship, you might be tempted to try an at-home paternity test.

While these kits do seem convenient and promise quick results, there are many drawbacks to using them, and many more benefits to opting for court-admissible paternity testing from the get-go.

Here’s what you should know about court-admissible paternity tests.

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The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs for Adverse Drug Reactions

This article was republished with the permission of HealthGrove, where it originally appeared on April 11, 2016. In order to provide more information on adverse drug reactions, which are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, we are spotlighting the 50 most dangerous drugs per data from the Food and Drug Administration. 

ARCpoint Labs offers pharmacogenetics testing that can help you identify prescriptions that may cause you to have adverse drug reactions. Our test can not only prevent the expense of prescription trial and error, but more importantly, can stop physicians from prescribing medications that put your health and your life at risk. 

To learn more about our pharmacogenetics test, contact your nearest ARCpoint Labs today.

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Lab Testing for Your Diet & Nutrition

When it comes to diet and nutrition, you need the right plan to get healthy. That’s easier said than done sometimes because many people aren’t aware of the challenges that lay in front of them. A number of factors can contribute to weight gain and poor health. Lab testing helps pinpoint potential problems so you can live a happy, healthy life going forward.

A number of factors can contribute to weight gain and poor health. Lab testing helps pinpoint potential problems so you can live a happy, healthy life going forward.

As we’ve said before, lab testing can be very beneficial for personal trainers and dieticians looking to help their clients get healthy. But as an individual you have the power to order clinical bloodwork to be done yourself — and then take the results and make sound conclusions about what to do.

Here are some of the main lab tests we recommend for those wanting to improve their health.

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How Packing Your Own Lunch Improves Your Health

If you work, then you know how hectic life is. Lunch is frequently an afterthought, a hasty bite picked up at a fast food place.

However, those greasy burgers are not good for your health. That’s why there’s a growing movement toward bringing a lunch to work. It’s not just a trend that employers should embrace — although lower healthcare costs are nothing to balk at — it’s also something that individuals should consider to improve their health.

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Genetic Testing Can Improve Cancer Treatment

When most people think of DNA tests, daytime talkshows or primetime crime dramas come to mind. Many people associate DNA testing with questions of paternity or forensic tests to figure out whodunnit.

As scientists and inventors continue to innovate, the capabilities and applications of DNA testing expand beyond just establishing biological relationships, revealing ancestry, and identifying culprits. More and more, doctors, dieticians, and health professionals are using DNA testing for personalized treatment. This includes the use of pharmacogenetics testing, which can help doctors identify genetic variations that affect how our bodies react to medicines.

One of the ways that healthcare professionals are now applying pharmacogenetics testing is in the treatment of cancer. Read on to see how this innovative genetic testing is helping cancer patients.

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Why Personalized Medicine Is the New Normal

Until recently, it seemed like medicine was a “one size fits all field,” and doctors prescribed the same treatments for every patient with a certain tradition. Sure, there were some variances for people who were allergic to penicillin or other medications, but the healing process was pretty much trial and error. Many patients grew frustrated with having to make repeat visits to the doctor and not feeling better. Pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine has changed the game with using DNA samples to determine the right course of action for the individual. Here are some of the ways health care professionals are using DNA data to individualize treatments:


Pharmacogenetics testing uses a saliva sample to create a personal genetic profile. A skilled lab tech analyzes your DNA sample against profiles of common medications and determines which ones will react best with your body and help you feel better the fastest.

Wellness DNA Testing

With wellness DNA testing, you can get the information to make the best choices for you with things like diet and exercise in mind.

Sound Nutrition Through Wellness Testing

A trained dietitician can use your DNA information to determine what foods you should eat. Some people do not do well with the low fat, high carbohydrate diet that nutritionists have been recommending for years. On the other hand, some of those dieters who jumped on the low carbohydrate, high fat diets a decade ago found that a different approach was better. DNA testing provides the information to let you make healthy choices.

Fitness Routines Through Wellness Testing

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to be born to run while others are much more at home lifting heavy weights? Your DNA holds the information to determine the perfect workout routine for you. We know that a solid fitness regimen is an integral part of physical health, but blanket recommendations of lifting weights and getting cardiovascular activity in three days a week simply does not work for every person. A DNA test can determine what will work for you, whether it’s endurance activities like running or cycling, or it’s shorter bursts of more intense activities like sprinting or lifting heavy weights for low repetitions.

Your DNA holds the code for your optimal health and longevity, and wellness testing can help you unlock it. To learn more, contact any ARCpoint Labs location today.