With Healthcare Open Enrollment Impending, Know Your Options

Have you marked November 1st on your calendar?

It’s an important day, as it marks the start of Open Enrollment for 2016 plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Likewise, at many companies, open enrollment occurs around the same time, allowing employees to weigh their options.

When you’re making decisions that affect cost of medical care, you should consider all the choices you have. This includes nontraditional healthcare, such as telehealth.

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Health Education: Take Action Today

Health education is described as any process that informs, motivates and helps people to adopt and adhere to good health practices and lifestyle. Health education, therefore, is a vital factor in a healthy lifestyle and a healthy community.

The Scope of Health Educationwoman reading book health education

Health education helps to inform the general public the principles of physical and mental hygiene and how to counter both existing and potential disease and illnesses. There are several scholars and academics that are reliable advocates of human health.

The scope of health education extends to cover nutrition, aspects of human biology, communicable diseases, prevention of occupational accidents, hygiene and health services.

Make Health Education a Part of Your Life


One of the primary ways to learn about health is to read literature and publications related to healthy lifestyles and health and medical news. Look for legitimate publications that address your health care policy, fitness practices and health and safety tips.


Educating yourself about your personal health is perhaps more vital than learning about external practices and news. The more you know about your health, the more prepared you are to improve your health. Wellness lab testing allows you to know the facts. Get the data — check your cholesterol, thyroid and allergies. When you’re aware of what is causing your symptoms, you can take action to better your health.

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