Immunization: Importance for Kids & Adults

Despite the media controversy surrounding immunization in recent years, reputable medical professionals still recommend a program of vaccinations to ensure ongoing health for children and adults.

Here is a look at why immunization is still vital, and not just for school-aged kids.

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Keys to Healthy Aging

Happy Healthy Aging Month!

September is the time we draw attention to how individuals can promote healthy aging and live full, quality lives in their senior years.

Today, we’re sharing some key ways that adults 65+ (or nearing that age) can promote their own healthy aging.

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Why Choose a Flu Shot? Benefits for Individuals & Workplaces [Infographic]

It may not feel like it, but flu season is around the corner.

In an effort to get more people immunized, we are sharing some of the impacts that the flu shot has on individuals and workplaces.

Check out our infographic below for details, or contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs for more information.

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New California Vaccination Law

Gov. Jerry Brown Signed Senate Bill 277 into Law

After many months of speculation and uncertainty, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on June 30 Senate Bill 277. The law requires most California children to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private schools, regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs. California now will permit only medical exemptions as legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated

Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, said, “The science is clear. Californians have spoken. The governor and Legislature have spoken,” adding that the law would help to prevent more outbreaks of preventable diseases. Concerns over the spread of diseases as a result of parents not vaccinating their children rose in December during a measles outbreak at Disneyland. By the time the outbreak was over in April, there were 136 measles cases in California alone, and about 20% of those cases required hospitalization. Proponents of the bill said that this could have been prevented if more children had been required to be vaccinated.vaccine law

Support for the Bill

Supporters of the bill hope that it will send a strong message to the rest of the country. Only two other states, Mississippi and West Virginia, have similar laws. Proponents hope that other states will follow California’s lead in taking steps to have stronger restrictions on who can be exempt from vaccines, as they consider it a matter of public health. No state “wants to continue to see (outbreaks) happen in their neighborhoods,” Pan said.

Health and education organizations across the state support the bill. These organizations include the California Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics of California, California State PTA, California Immunization Coalition, and the California Children’s Hospital Association.

Titers Testing

Test Smartly Labs provide titers testing, which can gauge your immunity to certain vaccine-preventable diseases. If you have lost your vaccination records and need to prove that you have had the correct shots, titer testing is essential. With the new California law, many parents will need to show records that their children have been vaccinated. Wellness-certified locations also can provide some vaccinations, such as the flu shot, MMR, and TDap. Put your and your children’s health first and find your nearest Test Smartly Labs location today.

Why National Infant Immunization Week is Important Now More Than Ever

April 18 – 25, 2015 is designated National Infant Immunization Week. Across the nation, state, local, and federal health departments like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partner with healthcare professionals and local leaders to promote awareness of the importance of infant immunization.

As part of this observance, we are sharing why now more than ever parents should be following the recommended immunization schedule.

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The Measles Vaccine: the Choice is Clear

We’ve spoken before about how your health is your choice.

You can choose what providers to see and services to have rendered, whether they are in-network or out-of-network for insurance purposes.

You can choose to monitor your health more closely with basic health tests.

You can choose to eat healthier, exercise more, and practice better sleep habits.

You can choose whether to protect yourself, your family, and your community with recommended vaccinations.

Yes, all of these are choices — but when it comes to the last choice, we feel that the evidence supporting immunization against vaccine-preventable illnesses is so substantial that the choice should be obvious: choosing to safeguard yourself and others against disease.

Given the recent measles outbreak, this message needs to be heard. Here’s what you should know about measles, vaccines, and your health — and why we think you should choose to vaccinate.

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Which is Worse: Side Effects of the Flu Shot or Side Effects of the Flu?

If you are on the fence about getting your flu shot because you think the side effects of the flu shot are worse than the side effects of the flu, you may have been exposed to some misinformation.

We’re here to clear up any questions about flu shot side effects, particularly how they compare to the side effects of the flu itself.

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What You Need to Know About This Year’s Flu Virus

It’s official, per the CDC: the 2014-2015 flu virus is so widespread that it’s considered an epidemic.

If you aren’t taking this year’s flu virus seriously yet, then you probably aren’t aware of the facts we’ve gathered below. Read on and see why protecting yourself and your family against the flu virus should be a top priority.

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The Flu Can Do What?!

We’ve written about the importance of the flu vaccine before (several times, in fact), but with flu season almost here, it’s time for a refresher on what exactly influenza can do.

When we share facts about the flu shot, we notice one troubling response: sure, the flu shot might help me not get sick, but what’s the big deal? The flu isn’t that bad, is it?

The flu is much more than a mere nuisance. Here are some details about influenza that you might not know — and that prove how important the flu shot is!

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Do You Believe These Vaccine Myths? You Could Be Jeopardizing Your Health.

August is Immunization Awareness Month, and at Test Smartly Labs, we think this is perfect timing. As kids head back to school and flu season lurks just around the corner, it’s important now more than ever for children and adults to protect themselves against preventable diseases.

Although vaccines have a proven record of preventing the spread of disease, in recent history a number of vaccine myths have circulated. Fortunately, vaccine myths aren’t having a major impact on national immunization rates — they are above 90% for polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. Yet several outbreaks of preventable diseases have been traced back to unimmunized children, including the 2013 measles outbreak in New York City, Texas, and North Carolina.

In an effort to promote public health, we’re dispelling some common vaccine myths.

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