College Students Partying This Spring Break? Watch Out for These Risks

With temperatures going up and the sun coming out, people are starting to get excited about spring break — particularly college students.

While television shows and movies have glamorized the spring break scene, in reality, there are very real dangers that students and their parents should know about.

If you or your college student plans on hitting up the beach this spring break, be aware of these risks!

Spring Break Health Risks


One-night-stands and brief hook-ups are sometimes the reality during spring break. Unfortunately, casual sex can have a more lasting impact. STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis can make the rounds during spring break, especially because 26% of men and 36% of women don’t use condoms when having sex with a new partner during spring break. If you are a college student about to embark on spring break, add condoms to your packing list, and also be sure you think before having casual sex!

Date Rape DrugsSpring Break

There are predators out there who will seize the opportunity to assault or attempt assault during spring break, using date rape drugs to aid them.

Spring breakers should be aware of their surroundings and their drinks at all times. If you’re venturing out for spring break, make sure you have friends accompanying you, and a firm “No one left behind” policy. ┬áIf you suspect that you are a friend has been slipped a date rape drug because you are exhibiting signs like dizziness or loss of muscle control, seek help from law enforcement and get tested for date rape drugs immediately.

Alcohol Abuse

It should come as no surprise that students who spend spring break with friends usually drink more than those who stay home with family. Excessive alcohol abuse can cause a widespread range of issues, including:

  • Impaired cognitive abilities (including those governing decision making and impulse control)
  • Impaired motor skills (including balance and hand-eye coordination)
  • Increased risk of injury (students who “get drunk” once in a typical week are more likely to be injured, experience falls that necessitate medical care, cause traffic accidents and injuries, and injure others)
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Legal problems (if the individual causes property damage, assaults another individual, etc.)

Quite simply, students should think before they drink.

Drug Use

Drug use is also an issue during spring break. From marijuana to synthetic drugs to prescription drugs, students are using a variety of illegal substances to get high. And like alcohol abuse, this usage can have serious medical consequences, ranging from loss of consciousness to death.

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