Combating the Top 5 Health Risks

Last week Test Smartly Labs examined the top 5 health risks that you face. Now that you know what these health risks are, you need to know what you can do to minimize them. Small steps can make a huge difference to maintaining your health.

Here are the top five health risks facing Americans today, along with several steps you can take to minimize your risks.

How to Reduce Your Health Risks

Take Steps To Minimize Health Risks

1. Heart Disease
Heart disease is the number one health risk for both men and women. Reduce your health risks by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking and lowering your LDL cholesterol.

2. Cancer

Cancer may be caused in part by genetics, but there are still several steps you can take to reduce your health risks. Quit smoking, wear sunscreen, and get regular cancer screenings, especially if you have a family history of cancer.

3. Stroke

Save your strokes for the pool. Reduce your health risks by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, quitting smoking and only enjoying alcohol in moderation.

4. Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease may not be as well known as heart attacks, cancer and strokes, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Reduce your health risks by quitting smoking, by cleaning your house regularly to cut down on the amount of dust, mold and other allergens, and by avoiding chemical-laden products, such as conventional room sprays and cleaners.

5. Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is another major health risk for men and women. This health risk can lead to other problems such as kidney damage, heart disease and blindness. Frequent urination, constant thirst and blurred vision are potential symptoms of diabetes. To reduce your risk of diabetes, be sure to lose any extra weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Reduce Your Health Risks at Test Smartly Labs

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