Consider Getting Tested During National Diabetes Month

This National Diabetes Month is the perfect time to schedule a diabetes test. Diabetes statistics suggest that this health crisis isn’t going to end soon. You can honor survivors and protect your health by getting a diabetes test during National Diabetes Month.

About National Diabetes Month

For many years now, National Diabetes Month has been observed each November. Diabetes has been described as an invisible disease because so many people have it but are unaware of it. Getting a diabetes test is vital for people who want to get a handle on the condition. It’s crucial to realize during National Diabetes Month that this disease is incurable. However, a diabetes test can help you manage it.

Diabetes Statistics

The American Diabetes Association estimates that one out of every 11 people in the U.S. has diabetes. Diabetes statistics accordingly say that someone will be diagnosed every 23 seconds. Of course, a diabetes test is the important first step toward a diagnosis. With an approximate 86 million Americans at risk for the disease, it’s easy to see why National Diabetes Month is so important. Diabetes statistics suggest an epidemic that must be controlled.

More Troubling Diabetes Statistics

AIDS and breast cancer are frequent causes of death in the U.S. However, diabetes statistics say that the disease kills more people than both of these other causes of death combined. What is especially troubling is that so many people are unaware of their condition. They have no idea that their lives are at risk because they have not undergone a diabetes test.

Get a Diabetes Test Today

There’s no better way to celebrate National Diabetes Month than by getting a diabetes test. The results can tell you and your physician whether or not medical attention is required, lessening your chances of developing life-threatening complications.

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