Your Health, Your Choice

Health insurance. Co-pays. Health care reform. Waiting rooms.

You can’t go long without hearing these terms. When you’re thinking about your health, you must consider financial and time-bound factors. Taking control of your health can be a complicated process at times.

Your health doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can take charge of your health by making better choices.

Your Health, Your Choice

We believe that taking charge of your health is closely connected to your choices. That’s why the Your Health, Your Choice blog focuses on simple ways to improve your health. We believe that all good decisions stem from education — learning about your health prepares you to make better choices.

Who We Are

We offer health and wellness services for businesses and individuals across the United States. Our independent collections labs offer confidential, private and self pay health screening panels. At our labs, you can decide the blood test you need. We’re here to help you find convenient and affordable lab testing services.