Diet & Exercise Prove Effective in Diabetes Prevention

Per the CDC, 29.1 million Americans — 9.3% of the population — had diabetes as of 2012. Many of these — up to 8.1 million — are undiagnosed.

Clearly, diabetes prevention needs to be a priority for all Americans. Some recent research is shedding light on what is the most effective preventative measure against the disease: diet and exercise.

Here’s what you should know about the study results.

Diet & Exercise are Best Forms of Diabetes Prevention

Researchers made their conclusions by studying the effectiveness of diet and exercise vs. the drug metformin, which can be used as a standalone preventative measure or combined with insulin for treating type 2 diabetes. The individuals studied all had a high risk for developing diabetes.

When compared over 15 years, metformin did help lower instances of diabetes, but was not as effective as a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

More Effective in Adults 60+

Diet and exercise proved most effective for adults over age 60, according to the study experts. Among people under 60 and people who were more obese, Metformin did prove a little more effective.



The “lifestyle intervention” involved a low-calorie, low-fat diet and just 15 minutes of daily moderate-intensity exercise. As a result, people had a 58% lower risk of developing diabetes when compared to the placebo group. Individuals taking metformin had a 31% lower risk.


Participants were monitored over an average of 15 years. At that time, diabetes incidence was 27% lower among those participating in the diet and exercise program and 18% lower in the metformin group.

Monitoring Your Diabetes Risk

This research is promising for individuals who want to take control of their own diabetes risk and make real changes that make a difference.

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