Do you Know the Truth About Your Health? The Risk Factor Many Americans Don’t Know

If I were to ask you to describe your health right now, what would you say?

Would you explain that you’re feeling quite well or maybe that you have been under the weather for the past few days? Many of us think of our health in terms of the here and now. However, there are bigger issues at hand.

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My health today is connected to my past actions and my genetic and biological makeup. Creating a complete picture of my health involves several factors. There are cholesterol levels, heart health, sexual health, blood sugars and more to consider.

With all of those factors, it’s easy to brush past some things that are essential to our health. Americans are unaware of one factor in particular. According to a study, adults are too unaware of their high blood pressure.

About 25% of american adults don’t know they have high blood pressure.

According to a study published in the January issue of the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular and Quality Outcomes, nearly one-fourth of participants had high blood pressure but were not aware of their condition.

Researchers asked participants about their medication. They found that people might not be receiving the proper treatment.

If you don’t know we have high blood pressure, you can’t treat it.

If you don’t realize that you’re sick, you won’t reach for medicine. In the same way, you can’t receive treatment for high blood pressure if you don’t know you have it.

In order to treat high blood pressure (and prevent worsening health conditions), it’s necessary to keep track of blood pressure levels.

How do I Check my Blood Pressure?

Monitoring your blood pressure isn’t complicated. Routine doctor’s visits typically include a blood pressure test. Basic health profiles include blood pressure tests, urinalysis, lipid panel, thyroid panel and more.

When you complete the health profile, the results are yours. You receive them confidentially and may keep them for your records or take them to your  physician to seek medical advice. When monitoring your blood pressure and other major health stats is this simple, there is no reason not to complete a health or wellness profile.


  1. What makes sense is that you can’t treat what you don’t know you have. If you are experiencing any symptoms get to a doctor and help yourself.

  2. High blood pressure is very common so don’t feel alone if you’re facing any of the symptoms. Doctors now days know what to look for, and you can help by eating healthier and exercising regularly.

  3. I love that you point out that you have to know you have it any order to treat it. That’s true every time.

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