Do You Live in One of America’s Spring Allergy Capitals?

In America, some 50 million people suffer from spring allergies. The problem is so prevalent that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America publishes an annual list of the nation’s Allergy Capitals.

Check out the list below, and see if yours is among the worst when it comes to allergies!

What are America’s Top Allergy Capitals?

Here are the top ranking cities for allergies:

  1. Jackson, Mississippi
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Syracuse, New York
  4. Louisville, Kentucky
  5. McAllen, Texas

How Do Cities Become Capitals for Spring Allergies?

The AAFA uses several factors to decide which cities are particularly afflicted with spring allergies. Among these are the city’s pollen score, the usage of allergy medications among citizens and the number of board-certified allergists within the city’s limits. Jackson, Mississippi takes the spring allergies crown thanks to its above average pollen count and the higher than average use of allergy medications.

The Worst in the Region

The AAFA also names which cities are worst for allergy sufferers in four regions. Unsurprisingly, Jackson takes the crown in the South while Syracuse claims first place in the Northeast. In the Midwest, it’s Wichita, Kansas that is the least comfortable place for allergy sufferers. Desert city Tucson, Arizona walks away with the honors in the West.

What Are the Symptoms of Spring Allergies?

Most people begin to notice spring allergies in the form of increased nasal congestion. This quickly turns into a runny nose and sneezing. Before long, their eyes are itching and watery. No wonder so many people are anxious to find some kind of relief from their spring allergies.

Get Tested for Spring Allergies

If you’ve been experiencing the symptoms of spring allergies, then consider having some lab tests performed. The results can tell you which substances you are most allergic to. People who deal with allergies in the spring often find that they are allergic to the tree pollen that is prevalent at that time of year.

Test Smartly Labs provides accurate allergy testing for a wide variety of environmental and seasonal allergens. Don’t suffer another spring or summer — visit your nearest clinical location for a quick allergy test!

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