Easy Ways to Learn More About Your Family Health History & Genetic Background

You may have heard that October is Family History Month!

In addition to celebrating your family’s social heritage, this is a great time to learn even more about your genetic background. After all, your genes and family health history play a part in your propensity for several diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer, high cholesterol, and prostate cancer.

Today, we’re sharing easy ways you can learn more about your family history and genetic background.

Learn More About Your Genetic Background This Family History Month

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If you’re not already familiar with your family’s health history, it’s time to get the information you need. As we said, your relatives’ health history has a direct impact on your wellness, and can even determine what sort of health lab testing you should conduct on a regular basis.

So, be sure to ask your living relatives about any family health issues they know of. The further back you can get family health history, the better!

Create a Health History File

Once you collect the information about your family health history, be sure to do something with what you’ve collected. We recommend keeping a family health history file that you can update as time goes on. This is particularly important once you expand your family through marriage, childbirth, or adoption, as you want to keep everything current for all members of your family.

Ancestry DNA Testing

Quick, painless ancestry DNA testing can reveal so much about your genetic background. You can learn more about where your ancestors once settled, which is interesting for educational purposes, as you can research more about those areas and trace their movements across the United States. Since certain diseases and conditions are more prevalent in certain regions, ancestry DNA testing can even clue you in on portions of your family health history you may be unfamiliar with.

Ethnicity Testing

Ethnicity DNA testing is just as easy and non-invasive as ancestry testing, and will also provide a wealth of information on your family’s background. An ethnicity test can reveal if you have any Native American, Asian, Eastern European, Jewish, or Sub-African ancestry in your family tree. Since different ethnicities have different levels of risk for certain diseases, learning about your ethnic background can alert you to potential health problems to monitor or screen for.

Explore Your Genetic Background With Test Smartly Labs

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