Give Thanks For Your Health

Around Thanksgiving, people take time to show appreciation for individuals who have touched their lives in some way. From close family members and friends to old teachers and civic leaders, people share their gratitude through words and gestures.

One thing people often forget to give thanks for in this time, though, is their own health. While your health may not be such an obvious thing to give thanks for this holiday, it is an ever-present, vital part of your life, and you should make sure you pay attention to your wellness not only this season, but throughout the year.

Today, we’re sharing the key ways to give thanks for your health.

Ways to Give Thanks for Your Health

Know Your Numbers

How can you know what to be thankful for if you don’t have a benchmark for your health? With health lab tests from Test Smartly Labs, you can get baseline wellness data that will help you know what you’re doing good with (a high “good” cholesterol level, for example), and what needs to be adjusted (like high blood pressure).

Treat Yourself RightTest Smartly Labs | Give Thanks For Your Health

Show thanks to yourself for your health by treating your body right. At the holidays — particularly Thanksgiving — it is incredibly easy to go overboard and consume waaaay too much. Keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart health in mind when you feast this Thanksgiving. Be sure to go heavier on the green beans and brussels sprouts and lighter on the gravy and pecan pie. And instead of watching football all day, why not get active and throw the ball around? Keep fitness and nutrition in mind with all the choices you make this holiday season.

Stay Positive

It can be easy to get hard on yourself when you do learn your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, and other key health stats. But Thanksgiving is about positivity, so don’t let these things bring you down. It’s important that you learn your numbers, but keep in mind that you can take the right steps toward managing health risks. Take your lab test results and meet with your health care provider to outline the specific steps you can take toward a healthier you!

Learn Your Health Risks With Test Smartly Labs

Our nationwide facilities offer walk-in lab testing services so you can learn more about your personal health. To get started, find your nearest wellness-certified location today!


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