Gluten Free Alternatives for Your Everyday Life

Going gluten free all the rage, and might be considered a fad. However, for people diagnosed with celiac disease, removing the infamous and villainous protein is a necessity.

With the public awareness of gluten higher than ever, many gluten free alternatives to American diet staples have made their way to grocery store shelves and restaurant menus to meet market demand.

Gluten Free Products from Your Grocery Store

Many manufacturers offer alternatives to items like bread or pasta. Some stores even have special sections of gluten free items which takes the guess work out for the shopper. When in doubt, read the ingredients label to spot any wheat- or barley-containing items. Pro tip: many product labels have allergens listed in big, bold letters making them easy to find. If you have celiac, purchase items that say they’ve been manufactured on shared equipment with wheat-containing products with caution.

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-while snack, many grocery store freezer sections carry alternatives to food items from Gluten Free pizza rolls to macaroni and cheese. (Sometimes a little searching is necessary to locate them.) Also, many of your favorite frozen treats like certain flavors  ice cream or popsicles are gluten free already! Again, just be sure to check the ingredients label.

Gluten Free Restaurant Items? Yes, Please!

Everyone loves to go out to eat sometimes. While it can be difficult for the gluten free dieter, many restaurants offer gluten free menus or even a trained kitchen staff that can ensure cross contamination does not happen. If you’re unsure of where to look for gluten free food in your area, use your smartphone and download a free app like Find Me Gluten Free. When in doubt, ask about gluten free options, and if the restaurant uses a separate fryer for things like french fries and breaded items like chicken fingers. For someone with celiac disease, consuming food with even a little dusting of flour can mean a host of symptoms.

Impeccable Food Allergy Testing

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