Healthy Tips for a New You in the New Year

With 2013 behind us, chances are you’ve made a number of new year’s resolutions — and more likely than not, a few of them involve your personal health in some way. From sticking to a healthy diet and increasing exercise to reducing your stress and sleeping more, there are so many health-related goals you should want to achieve — and just as many healthy tips to help you do so!

At Test Smartly Labs, we are committed to your personal wellness, so we have compiled some easy-to-implement healthy tips to help you turn your 2014 resolutions into long-lasting habits.

Realizing Resolutions: Easy, Healthy Tips to Promote Wellness

Grab a Jump Rope

No time to hit the gym? No worries, our healthy tips account for a busy schedule. Simply buy a jump rope (or borrow your kid’s) and start a home exercise regimen. This is one of the healthy tips that will help you burn lots of calories — and jumping rope will also curb your appetite, according to a Japanese study. This is because the rapid up and down movements of jumping rope interfere with hunger-triggering hormones.

If jumping rope isn’t your thing, you can also inject a little cardio into your life by opting to take the stairs over the elevator, going on more walks, or riding your bike to run errands.

Switch to a Smaller Plate

Did you know that the average plate size has increased from 9″ in the 1960s to its modern size of 12″? Since we’re prone to fill our plates, this gradual increase in plate size means we’ve also increased our daily calorie intake by 48%. By using smaller plates, you can trick yourself into eating less and still feel full. If the switch makes your stomach growl between meals, you can always introduce a few healthy snacks into your schedule, like a fruit or yogurt around 10 AM, a handful of nuts and a slice of cheese at 2 PM, and some carrot sticks and hummus at 4 PM. Both of these healthy tips will result in a healthier you.

Schedule Moments of Meditation & SilenceTest Smartly Labs | Healthy Tips for a New You in the New Year

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s important to unplug and make time for silence, which is why our healthy tips include practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga is proven to lower blood pressure, improve brain function, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower stress, and improve the function of your immune system. It can also help tone your muscles, lead to better balance, and can even lessen the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

Our healthy tips extend to your digital habits, too. Your scheduled silence should include technology silence — meaning no cell phone, tablet, computer, television, or internet use of any kind. “Unplug” for an hour or two each day, devoting your attention to your family, your friends, and yourself. You’ll not only increase your happiness by upping your human contact — you’ll also reduce your risk of developing eye problems due to screen brightness.

Stay Positive

Out of all our healthy tips, this one might be the most unexpected. Did you know that being optimistic is shown to promote physical wellbeing? According to research from the Harvard School of Public Health, a reduced risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues is more prevalent among self-professed optimists. Another 2013 Harvard study revealed that more optimistic people have reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol (triglycerides) and higher levels of “good” cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol). Furthermore, optimism is linked to stronger immune systems, longer lifespans, and lower risk of stroke.

Like most of our healthy tips, the benefits to thinking positively don’t stop there. One study showed that cyclists that engage in verbal self-affirmations — that is, saying aloud “I can do this!” and other positive statements — were able to pedal longer than others who said nothing. Cyclists who used verbal affirmations reported that the workout felt easier when compared to those who remained silent. This is one of those healthy tips you may feel funny about doing in public, but if a few phrases uttered under your breath can improve your exercise, what are a few stares from strangers at the gym?

More Healthy Tips from Test Smartly Labs

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