High School Students & Substance Abuse: Watch Out for Use Around Prom, Graduation

For high school students, the end of the school year is generally a time for celebration.

Not only are classes about to end, but two big events — prom and graduation — are finally here, and it’s time to make memories.

Too often, though, memory-making turns to tragedy when teens choose to indulge in drugs and alcohol that impair them.

If you are a parent or school administrator that thinks teen drug or alcohol use isn’t a problem, consider these sobering statistics about substance abuse among teenagers:



Test Smartly Labs has some tips for parents and school officials who want to curb teen substance abuse this prom and graduation season.

Make Sure Teen Substance Abuse Doesn’t Ruin Prom or Graduation

Parental Responsibilities

Make sure substance abuse doesn’t hurt your teen on prom night or after graduation by following our tips:

  • Be informed. Know your teen’s plans for prom night or the after-graduation bash. Get concrete details about where they’ll be, how they’ll get there, who they’ll be with, and when they’ll be home. Be sure to confirm all the details and also be in contact with them during the night.
  • Inform your teen. It’s also crucial that you are clear with your teen about the dangers of drinking and driving and the consequences. They should know you don’t approve of substance abuse, but that if they do drink or do drugs, they need to call for a safe ride.

School Responsibilities

As a school administrator, it’s your responsibility to ensure that substance abuse doesn’t happen on your watch. Here’s how:

  • Make school events substance-free. Prevent teens from making poor choices at prom or graduation by enforcing a strict no-substance policy. Make sure you have enough staff on hand to screen teens as they enter and check bags for smuggled drugs or alcohol.
  • Educate teens on the dangers of substance abuse. You can also do your part to educate teens on the dangers of substance abuse in classrooms and during school assemblies. Invite public speakers like experts on alcohol-related dangers to speak in front of your students, or even arrange for a reenactment of wreck caused by substance abuse to really emphasize your point.
  • Implement drug & alcohol testing. Instituting drug and alcohol testing at your school can help deter substance abuse and prevent serious injury among your students.

Fight Substance Abuse With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can work with parents and schools to implement drug and alcohol testing. We’re here to make sure that teens don’t lose their life due to recklessness and substance abuse.

To learn more about our services, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today.


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