How a Daily Walk Could Improve Your Health (Strenuous Exercise Not Required!)

Think you don’t have time to get healthy?

Contrary to popular belief, a strenuous workout isn’t necessary for good health. A daily walk may be all you need to lose weight and even live longer.

Here’s how a quick journey around the block might help you get healthier!

A Daily Walk Offers Powerful Medicine

The European Society of Cardiology Congress recently released the results of a study that showed that people who engaged in moderate daily exercise showed signs of anti-aging benefits that could add between three and seven years to their lifespan. A daily walk lasting 20 to 25 minutes is considered essential for repairing DNA, which can help slow down the aging process. Of course, that’s not the only reason for a daily walk.

Use a Daily Walk to Improve Mood and Cognitive Function

A number of studies have demonstrated that a brisk walk can do as much to improve mood as anti-depressant medications. The exercise releases feel-good endorphins while also providing a stress outlet. Moreover, movement has a positive impact on cognitive function. Scientists have learned that older adults who regularly walk more than six miles on a weekly basis show fewer signs of brain shrinkage and have better memory capacity.

Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Spend a half hour walking and you can burn as many as 75 calories if you keep your speed at two miles per hour. Jump up to four miles per hour, and you’ll burn 150 calories in 30 minutes. At the same time, you’ll gain muscle tone and definition in all your leg muscles and glutes. Use good posture and hold in your stomach for a great core workout too.

A daily walk is an essential part of any wellness routine. Add some hill climbs into the mix to enjoy even greater benefits.

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