How DNA Testing Can Help You Learn Your Family Heritage

Just a few years ago, doing research on your family heritage might mean lead you to an old graveyard or the dark stacks of a library to get answers about your family’s origins. Today, however, DNA testing can give clearer information than any tombstone or old newspapers.

Today, Test Smartly Labs helps celebrate August as National Heritage Month by examining how DNA testing can shed light on your family heritage.

DNA Testing and Genealogy Research

DNA Testing and Genealogy Research

What DNA Testing Can (and Can’t) Do

  • It can help determine your location of origin. We now know that people who live together in one area tend to share certain genetic markers. When we test your DNA, you’ll be able to compare your genetic information that in extensive DNA databases. This will give you a better idea of where your ancestors came from.
  • It can determine if two people are descended from the same ancestor. Y line chromosome tests, which can only be performed on males, can help determine if two different people have an ancestor in common. Most of the time, this type of test is used for two people with the same last name who want to know if they are related by a common ancestor.
  • It can’t instantly show you your family tree. When you get DNA testing, you get important clues about your family heritage, but you will not get an instant family tree. DNA testing is very helpful in either proving or disproving family tree research that you have already conducted, however.
  • It can connect you to distant relatives. Armed with the results of your DNA test, you’ll able to reach out to others with similar genetic markers. If they’ve done any genealogy research, too, you can pool your information and fill in the gaps on your family tree.

DNA Testing Is Easier Than You Think

When you work with an accredited lab, DNA testing can be done quickly, painlessly, and at your convenience. All we need is a simple noninvasive cheek swab and a couple of weeks to get you the answers you’ve been looking for. It’ll be much easier than tracking down gravestones and searching through dusty libraries, we promise!

To learn more about how Test Smartly Labs can serve as your partner in your genealogy quest, locate your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!

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