How Do You Know if You Have a Problem With Alcoholism?

In April 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. established Alcohol Awareness Month, and it has been celebrated annually since.

Being aware of alcohol use not only means educating yourself and others on the dangers of alcohol addiction and keeping an eye out for loved ones who may have an alcohol problem — it also means watching for the signs of alcoholism in your own habits.

Too often, social drinking can turn into an alcohol problem. Here are some signs to watch for when you think you may have a problem with alcoholism.

How to Know if You Have an Alcohol Problem

Do You Feel Guilty About Your Drinking?Test Smartly Labs | Do You Have an Alcohol Problem?

One of the first signs of an alcohol problem is guilt or shame associated with your alcohol use. If you regularly regret the amount of alcohol you consumed or the actions you take when under the influence, you might have an alcohol problem. Likewise, if you are compelled to lie about your drinking habits or hide the frequency of your drinking from others, you may have a problem with alcoholism.

Have Friends, Family Members, or Coworkers Talked to You About Your Drinking?

If friends, relatives, coworkers or supervisors, or others who see you on a regular basis have come to you with concerns about your drinking, then you may have an alcohol problem. Sometimes, others have an insight into our behaviors that we simply don’t, so it is important to take their concerns seriously and evaluate whether you really do have a drinking problem.

Do You Feel Compelled to Drink in Order to Feel Better?

If you’re constantly relying on alcohol as a way to relax or raise your spirits, then you may be dealing with alcoholism. Sometimes, an alcohol problem begins when alcohol is used to self-soothe. Watch out for times of stress. Is your first reaction to grab multiple drinks after a long day of work or a big fight with your partner? If so, this could be a sign of an alcohol problem.

Do You Engage in Risky or Unusual Behaviors When Drinking?

Alcoholism can cause you to do some dangerous things, including driving under the influence, using machinery or other dangerous equipment while drunk, and even committing crimes. If you’ve engaged in these behaviors, regardless of whether you caused an injury or experienced legal repercussions as a result, you may have an alcohol problem.

Does Drinking Affect Your Productivity?

When alcohol starts interfering with your home and work life, you probably have a drinking problem. If you find yourself neglecting both personal and professional responsibilities — like skipping social obligations, ceasing to work out, not engaging in your hobbies, performing badly at work or school, and completing tasks more slowly than usual — you might have an alcohol problem.

Are You Having Trouble Controlling Your Drinking?

Another clear sign of alcoholism is the failure to control your drinking. If you find yourself drinking more than you want to, “blacking out” during drinking sessions, drinking despite knowing that your drinking is affecting your relationships, or drinking even though you’re trying to quit, you probably have an alcohol problem.

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