How Packing Your Own Lunch Improves Your Health

If you work, then you know how hectic life is. Lunch is frequently an afterthought, a hasty bite picked up at a fast food place.

However, those greasy burgers are not good for your health. That’s why there’s a growing movement toward bringing a lunch to work. It’s not just a trend that employers should embrace — although lower healthcare costs are nothing to balk at — it’s also something that individuals should consider to improve their health.

The Health Benefits of Packing a Lunch for Work

You might find that your health improves and that your waistline shrinks when you bring a lunch to work. That’s because you control what goes into your lunch and how large the portions are.

In America, there’s a real tendency to consume oversized portions of food, particularly those that aren’t exactly good for our health. When you bring your lunch to work, you can be certain to pack common-sense portions that won’t have you packing on the pounds. Simple things like a tuna sandwich on multigrain bread with carrots sticks and some hummus makes a filling, nutritious lunch that keeps your energy up throughout your work day.

Plan Ahead for Better Health and Variety

You have many options when you bring your lunch to work. Consider packing up last night’s leftovers as a tasty alternative for lunch. Some people find success by preparing lunches on the weekend to be eaten at work. Many foods freeze well so they can be consumed safely later in the week. When you plan ahead, you won’t have to reach for unhealthy foods to fill the gaps.

Save Tons of Money

In addition to improving your health, you’ll discover that brown bag lunches also improve the balance in your checkbook. Buying a restaurant lunch every day adds up quickly, often averaging $50 or more each week. When you pack your lunch, you might spend $20 or less per week, and that means you’ll also be lowering your stress levels.

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