How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter’s combination of seemingly endless cold weather, gray skies and holiday stress can be enough to get anyone down, but it doesn’t have to. With a few easy and scientifically-backed tips, you can beat the winter blues and be back in good spirits in no time. Here they are:

Eat Smarter, not Harder

Search Google for “holiday weight gain” and you’ll find resource after resource telling you how to avoid it. Certain foods are good not only for your body, but for your mood. Dark chocolate, for instance, actually helps relieve anxiety. Other candies and carbohydrate may provide temporary euphoric feelings, but they’re short-lived and can fall away to greater anxiety and depression.

Get Active

While it may seem counter-intuitive when it’s freezing outside, a brisk 35-minute walk five times a week can improve mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

Help Others

Volunteering at your local soup kitchen can improve your overall mental health and life satisfaction.

Make Your Own Environment Brighter

Your body may crave more daylight, which the winter sun won’t produce. Sitting next to an artificial light called a light box for half an hour a day can be as effective as antidepressants. Open your blinds and curtains and sit closer to your windows to get an extra dose of sunshine.

Effectively Simulate Dawn

People with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression that sets in during the late fall or early winter feel irritable, depressed, lethargic and have trouble waking up. To combat those symptoms, a dawn simulator may help alleviate some of those symptoms and make it easier for the SAD-sufferer to make it out of bed.

Follow the above tips to beat the winter blues. For more information about how you can stay positive this holiday season, find your nearest Test Smartly Labs location today.

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