How to Sleep Better This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a little chaotic for most people. Searching for gifts, planning parties and organizing family get-togethers can bring on serious stress.

Stress is powerful. It causes people to feel irritable and nervous, as well as to fight with people around them.

Beyond the emotional consequences of stress are several physical symptoms. People notice fatigue, headache and muscle tension, among several others. A study from the American Institute of Stress reported that 48% of respondents reported lying awake at night due to stress.

So, we know that stress affects our sleep habits, but we also understand that sleep has a strong effect on our stress levels. Since stress is common during the holiday season, learning how to sleep better in the midst of the chaos will do us all good.

How to Sleep Better in the Middle of the Hectic Holiday Season

With just a few suggestions, it’s possible to learn how to sleep better in the next few weeks (and the rest of the year.)

Decide to Sleep Better

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The first step is put a foot down and declare it done. Set a “bedtime” and go to sleep at the same time every evening. Sleeping and waking at approximately the same times every day has been connected to health and good sleeping habits.

Rest Your Head

The next step for how to sleep better is to try out a different pillow. It’s important to use a pillow that supports your head and neck for the way you sleep. Back-sleepers need different support than side-sleepers. Find a nice pillow that works for your sleeping habits. Changing this one thing could make a world of difference.

Wind Down Early

You don’t have to settle down and hop under the covers before 8 pm — we don’t expect anyone to do that. However, you should avoid a few things late at night. Set a time when you’ll stop eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol or caffeine.

Holiday parties and gatherings usually extend late into the night, and the temptation to snack on heavy food and refill your glass is high. At least one hour before you go to sleep, stop eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol. Both of these can cause heartburn or pain that makes it hard to sleep.

Still Having Sleep Problems?

Poor sleep or fatigue can indicate several health conditions. If you’re concerned that poor sleep is caused by a more serious health problem, you might need to dig a little deeper. Health Panels can help you determine if any conditions are connected to your fatigue or poor sleep.


  1. With all the activities around the holiday season, it’s a matter of time before exhaustion sets in. If you’re struggling to find time, schedule in a nap.

  2. After the eating and playing, and catching up with family, a nap is much needed most the time.

  3. Stress can build during the holiday seasons. Get plenty of rest the best you can.

  4. Getting a nap in during the holiday’s is a must. With all the activities and traveling it can be an exhausting time of the year, so don’t get too stressed.

  5. Getting sleep is very important, helps keep you from getting sick, keeps you happy and best of all it gives you energy. I like the going to bed and waking up at the same time helps the body. Going to have to try that.

  6. When thinking about everything going on during the holidays it’s easy to see why people obtain a lot of stress. Taking naps and getting enough rest can help alleviate some of those problems.

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