Immigration DNA Testing 101

Familial relationships can help foreigners become legal U.S. residents, DNA tests are an extremely valuable immigration tool.

For the most part, immigration policy in the U.S. has followed three principles: reunify families where at least one is a lawful permanent resident, permit those who important skills to benefit the American economy, and to protect refugees during a conflict. Within each of these principles, of course, there is debate over who qualifies – like in cases where the immigrant’s home country doesn’t keep formal records or was unable to obtain them? After all, many immigrants come from countries that don’t have the right to their own information as we do.

Immigration DNA testing can be essential to the process of providing residency visas to family members. Here’s why:

Proof of Familial Relationships

DNA testing is regarded as very reliable evidence of adult-child, grandparent-grandchildren, and sibling relationships. Other proof like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and school records would also be recommended, however, not all possible immigrants have these documents.

Testing is Simple

DNA tests on both the current legal resident or citizen and the applicant will be done with a quick cheek swab but occasionally they require blood or hair tests. The tests must be performed by an AABB-certified testing agency according to standards established by the U.S. government, otherwise, they will not be counted as a reliable and lawful test.

Almost 100% Accurate

Both blood and cheek swab DNA tests perform at a 99.5 percent accuracy level. A study conducted between 2007 and 2008 tested the validity of familial relationships that would qualify individuals for reunification and residency in the U.S. by the U.S. Bureau of Population, Migration and Refugees (PRM), they found that more than 80 percent of applicant claims of family relationships were proved to fraudulent. However, 20 percent of applicants proved their legitimacy. DNA testing cuts out the worry that those 80 percent cause.


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