Immunization: Importance for Kids & Adults

Despite the media controversy surrounding immunization in recent years, reputable medical professionals still recommend a program of vaccinations to ensure ongoing health for children and adults.

Here is a look at why immunization is still vital, and not just for school-aged kids.

Why Kids & Adults Need Immunization

Many Diseases That Are Prevented by Immunization Still Exist

Measles, mumps and other troubling illnesses are still contracted by unvaccinated people around the world. They continue to pose a serious health threat, but it is possible to stop their spread with simple immunization.

Immunization Keeps People Healthy and Active

A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are key components for maintaining health. Sticking to an immunization schedule should also be part of an overall wellness plan. No one wants to be sidelined by a serious illness or put their life at risk when a safe alternative is available.

No One Is Too Young or Healthy Not to Get Sick

Diseases that are prevented by immunization tend not to discriminate when it comes to age and health. In fact, it is often the very young who are most susceptible to these illnesses. Children’s immune systems are not fully developed, which puts them at particular risk. Even healthy adults can be felled by a vaccine-preventable illness.

Illness Is Expensive

Vaccines were developed to save lives, but they also help people save money. Vaccine-preventable illnesses often require extensive hospital stays and ongoing medical care. The bills stack up quickly. Fortunately, this could be prevented through immunization.

Immunization Protects Others

When you contract a vaccine-preventable illness, you put others at risk for contracting it as well. You may expose children, including your own, as well as the elderly if you do not get vaccinated. Adults are commonly the source of whooping cough in infants, which can be a deadly scenario. A single shot can prevent this from happening.

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