Irish-American Heritage & DNA Testing

With St. Patrick’s Day 2014 here and March the official Irish-American Heritage month, it only felt appropriate to explore how ancestry DNA testing can be used to uncover your Irish roots.

If you’re curious about your ancestry and want more details on your lineage or help pinpointing where your past relative settled, there’s no easier way to do so than with ancestry DNA testing. Here are the details on how this simple process works and how it can help you celebrate your Irish ancestry.

Using DNA Testing To Explore Irish-American Ancestry

Non-Invasive Process

Some people might not elect to get ancestry DNA testing done because they aren’t aware of how simple and painless the process is. Many wrongly assume that this DNA testing is like other genetic lab tests and that it requires having blood drawn, which is too much for an elective procedure. However, ancestry DNA testing is actually completed with a non-invasive cheek swab. It takes hardly any time and is virtually painless — so if the thought of a blood draw is holding you back from unlocking more about your ancestry, don’t delay your DNA testing!

Quick, Reliable ResultsTest Smartly Labs | Irish-American Heritage & DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA testing also yields very accurate results. Using the genetic material gathered from your cheek swab, lab technicians can learn more about where your ancestors lived and what mixture of ethnicities and nationalities make up your family tree, including Irish roots. You’ll learn detailed information about your genetic makeup, and you can trust the results. Plus, you won’t have to wait long for this information — you’ll get your DNA testing results back within a few weeks.

Share Results With Your Family

The great thing about ancestry DNA testing is that your results can be shared with your blood relatives, such as full siblings and parents, since they will share your genetic material. This means that not everyone in your family will need to get tested to learn more about your heritage.

Explore Your Heritage With Ancestry DNA Testing

If you want to start exploring your ancestral history, Test Smartly Labs is a great place to start your genealogy research. Our nationwide walk-in facilities offer ancestry DNA testing so that you can easily learn more about your family. Celebrate your roots, Irish or otherwise, with a simple cheek swab DNA test — find your local ARCpoint today!

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