Methods of Getting “Healthy” Aren’t Always so Healthy

The average person puts a lot of emphasis on weight when it comes to being healthy and fit. However, weight is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, the idea of an individual’s healthy weight tends to be a much better measure. When people focus on being healthy, they have better results in the long run that those who focus on attaining a certain weight at any cost. Tomorrow is Women’s Healthy Weight Day, which makes it the perfect time to discuss the different between being healthy and simply losing weight.

Get Better Health the Healthy Way

Getting healthy is not all about losing weight. In order to achieve a healthier body and mind, you have to think about your entire lifestyle. Better health involves a balance between healthy eating, regular exercise, getting the right amount of sleep, and finding ways to de-stress.

Rather than trying to cut calories or going on some fad diet, focus on trying to eat more foods with high levels of nutrients and fewer foods that lack nutrients. A nutritious diet should include the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables (the more colorful, the better!), as well as whole grains, and foods with fiber. Rather than banning certain foods, consider lowering your portion sizes.

As for getting on a healthy exercise schedule, figure out a routine that works for you and that you’ll be able to keep. Thank means don’t attempt an extreme exercise schedule that will burn you out in a week. Maybe for you the best way to exercise is to go to a class at your gym, or maybe it’s a solo run–whatever type of exercise you prefer, stick to that. And if you have an off day? That’s okay! Just get up a little earlier the next day to make sure you can squeeze in a half hour walk or cardio.

Take Charge of Your Health

Above all, remember that you might not see results right away. It takes time to develop a truly healthy lifestyle, but if you keep it up eventually you will find yourself feeling and looking healthier.

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