Myths About Clinical Testing

A lot of people have ideas that just aren’t correct about clinical testing. And this means that a lot of people are missing out on the major health benefits you can get from taking advantage of your local Test Smartly Labs facility. So today, let’s get the facts about clinical testing services.

Do You Believe These Clinical Testing Myths?

Myths about clinical testing

1. Clinical testing can only be done at a doctor’s office.

This isn’t true. If a doctor directs you to get a certain test done, you do not have to get it done at the doctor’s office. Many patients prefer the convenience, comfort, and affordability of a clinical testing facility. And for people who elect to get tested without a doctor’s order, a clinical testing facility can be an excellent option. This way, you’ll only pay for the test, and not the doctor’s visit. You’ll be able to get the answers you need at a lower cost.

2. You need insurance in order to get clinical testing.

Actually, one of the great advantages of clinical testing is that it is more affordable and you do not need insurance. So for people looking to get screened for STDs who do not have insurance, for example, clinical testing may be a way to avoid the expense of a doctor’s visit. Clinical testing is a cost effective method of monitoring your health.

3. You must have an appointment to get clinical testing.

Many people avoid getting clinical testing done because the hectic pace of modern life makes it hard to carve out a chunk of time to get it done. It is even harder to commit to this time, with all of the things people must accomplish for work and family. A big advantage of clinical testing is that if you find some free time, you can pop into an Test Smartly Labs facility, get the testing you need, and get on with your day.

4. Clinical testing is an expensive, painful, drawn-out process.

Clinical testing is remarkably affordable when compared with expensive doctor’s visits or hospital visits. Many people do not get clinical testing because they are afraid that it will be extremely painful, but in reality a few blood draws can reveal all that you need to know. So if worry about cost or pain is preventing you from getting the important clinical testing you need to maintain wellness, Test Smartly Labs is a great solution.

Get Clinical Testing at Test Smartly Labs

Clinical testing is valuable resource for monitoring your health and taking responsibility for your own wellness. Simply walk in to one of our nationwide facilities, no doctor’s orders or insurance needed, and get your lab tests out of the way today.

To learn more about the services offered by your local Test Smartly Labs, find the nearest location today.

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