Personal Trainers – Why Lab Testing is a Must for Your Clients

As any experienced personal trainer knows, good health comes from a variety of habits like eating right and exercising regularly.

However, it’s possible to move clients beyond the basics by encouraging them to have lab tests. Lab tests that are performed at the beginning of a fitness regimen provide a baseline, telling your client about the state of their health. As they progress in their training, they can go in for lab tests to track their progress. Seeing their cholesterol numbers drop and their cardiovascular health improve is the motivation clients need to keep them on the path toward health.

Here are some of the lab testing services we recommend for individuals working with personal trainers.

Lab Testing for Diet & Exercise

Cholesterol Lab Tests

Sometimes called a lipid panel, these lab tests measure the amount of cholesterol in the client’s blood stream. Too much bad cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, but a healthy diet and regular exercise limit this risk. When you encourage your clients to get lab tests, they can measure their progress in a concrete way.

Heart Health Lab Tests

Lab tests can be used to screen for risk of cardiovascular disease. The test results may reveal how likely the client is to have a heart attack or stroke.

Many people are inspired to continue with exercise and healthy eating after seeing that their risk of cardiovascular disease has dramatically decreased.

Genetic Wellness Testing

These lab tests can help clients break through plateaus, lose weight and reach new levels of fitness. Technicians are able to assess an individual’s genes to help figure out which foods they should eat and avoid and make exercise recommendations.

As a personal trainer, you’ll be able to design a diet plan and exercise regimen based on your clients’ genes. A tailored plan like this has a much higher likelihood of success!

Help Your Clients Get Healthier

Test Smartly Labs can help personal trainers or dieticians who are looking for ways to motivate their clients or to develop better, more tailored diet and exercise programs. To learn more about our services, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today.

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