Preventable Deaths: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

We have to respect and expect death at some point in time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to live a long and healthy life. When you are gone, you are leaving behind a heaviness in the hearts of people around you. That heaviness and the pain is worse when your family knows that your death could have been prevented. More than 200,000 people die every year from heart disease. Many people don’t know that heart disease can be prevented by taking better care of yourself and eliminating some of your bad habits. Living longer is easier than it seems.

Your health is affected by your choices. Take care of yourself to prevent heart disease

stethoscope reduce risk of heart disease

Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure plays an important role in the operation of your heart. People who suffer from high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from heart disease. There are no conclusive symptoms of high blood pressure.

If you suspect that you may have high blood pressure, you want to talk to your doctor about options for getting it under control, so you can lower your chances of heart disease.

Testing for heart disease will give you a more accurate picture of your health. Test Smartly Labs offers convenient heart disease screening at labs across the country.


The negative effects of smoking are obvious. Smoking affects all biological systems. Since this has a direct effect on your heart and your blood pressure, it should be no surprise that smoking can increase your chance for heart disease. Smoking is a major contributor to heart disease. Quitting smoking can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and complications.


You cholesterol also plays an important role in your health. You want to make sure you are eating a healthy diet that is going to give your body a balanced cholesterol reading. If you have high cholesterol, your heart is putting in double time in an effort to keep pumping, which means you are putting your heart at higher risk for heart disease. You can improve your heart health by checking and monitoring your cholesterol levels. Testing cholesterol levels helps you initiate changes in your diet.

Heart disease is becoming a growing problem. Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your health. When it comes to heart disease, you have a choice. A choice to quit smoking, a choice to test yourself, a choice to see a doctor regularly and a choice to live longer.


  1. Are those blood pressure machines you see in Wal-marts and places like that accurate? If so, where should my blood pressure be? It depends on age, weight, etc. correct?

  2. I think people are scared of what they’ll find out when they’re tested so they try and sweep their problems, symptoms or concerns under the rug and continue with life until it becomes a “bigger” issue. The problem with that is, by that time it can be too late or much of it can be prevented by taking care of it when they noticed symptoms.

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