Prioritize Your Health This Winter

With the busiest of seasons upon us, it’s very easy for people to focus on immediate tasks — buy! wrap! decorate! clean! cook! — and let more important, long-term concerns — their health, in particular — fall to the wayside.

We’re sharing some easy ways that you can keep your health at the top of your to-do list during the holidays, and beyond.

Watch Your Health in Winter

Monitor Key Health Stats

Staying on top of your health means knowing what numbers you’re working with. Basic health lab tests can give you key information, including your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, as well as liver and heart function. With your numbers in hand, you can make fitness and diet choices that pave your path to wellness.

Get Your Flu ShotTest Smartly Labs | Prioritize Your Health This Winter

If you want to avoid the misery of a mid-winter night’s flu, then your best protection is getting a flu shot. You never know what co-worker, family member, or stranger at the shopping center will expose you to the flu virus, and washing your hands well can only go so far. Unless you plan on investing in a Hazmat suit, your best defense is arming yourself against influenza with the flu shot. Test Smartly Labs nationwide offer flu shots — just find your nearest location today!

Find Ways to Work Out

When temperatures plummet, the motivation to work out usually follows suit. We don’t expect you to go jogging in the park or even trek to the gym in the snow, but keep in mind that there are a variety of at-home exercise routines that you can look up online. Make a winter fitness regimen that you can stick to, and follow through!

Avoid Fatty Holiday Foods

For many, the holiday season is synonymous with over indulgence. The turkey and all its trimmings may be enticing, but they won’t help you keep a trim waistline — and more importantly, they can pose a big risk to your health. Be sure to watch your portions and avoid eating too many empty calories. Before heading to any holiday parties, eat a meal so you aren’t tempted to mindlessly snack while you socialize.

Holiday Health With Test Smartly Labs

Your local Test Smartly Labs can serve as your health partners this holiday season. Visit your nearest location to get your cholesterol checked, blood pressure levels, heart health evaluated, flu shot administered, and more!

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