Signs You May Have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

With a diabetes diagnosis affecting nearly 10% of the U.S. population, it’s clear that the disease is an epidemic. When it’s diagnosed and treated, diabetes is manageable. The people who have these issues can lead full, active lives, but not being diagnosed can be deadly.

While an estimated 8% of the population have been diagnosed, there are millions more who are suffering the symptoms without being aware of their diagnosis. Millions more exhibit the signs of pre-diabetes, a condition that signals onset of the disease. When detected early, many people with pre-diabetes succeed at not developing this difficult illness.

To help people identify their pre-diabetes before it progresses, we are highlighting some symptoms of diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

More Frequent UrinationDiabetes

With diabetes, the body can’t break foods into sugar very well, meaning more sugar is in the bloodstream. To combat the excess, your body flushes out the extra sugars in urine, resulting in extra bathroom breaks. This is especially a red flag if you can’t sleep at night due to the need to urinate.

Hunger & Shakiness

Diabetes and pre-diabetes can also make people feel unbalanced, shaky, or excessively hungry. This is because the high blood sugars make it difficult for the body to regulate glucose levels. Especially after eating a high carbohydrate food, the body will produce excess insulin, making the blood sugar drop fast. This in turn causes shakiness, which can make your crave sugar or carbs — thus beginning the cycle again.

Mood Swings

With glucose levels off-balance, you won’t feel well physically and emotionally. High blood sugar can result in depression-eqsue feelings of fatigue and introversion.

Blurred Vision

The eye lens doesn’t focus well due to glucose build-up during the early stages of diabetes, causing the eye to actually change shape! It won’t last — things should go back to normal 6-8 weeks after blood sugar levels return to normal, and your eyes adjust.

Rule Out Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes at Test Smartly Labs

Whether you suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, proper diagnosis is essential to getting treatment. Test Smartly Labs nationwide offers pre-diabetes and diabetes testing services to help rule out the diseases or provide ongoing monitoring of glucose levels.

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