Staying Safe and Healthy this Fourth of July

The long Fourth of July weekend is almost here! Many people are planning parties with friends and family. While a summer weekend full of fireworks, picnics, and swimming sounds ideal, there can be major safety drawbacks.

Today, let’s look at ways you can keep yourself and your family safe over the long holiday weekend.

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Prevent Fireworks Related Injuries

Fireworks are an iconic part of the Fourth of July holiday. While they can provide a great source of fun, they are a major cause of injuries. Most fireworks related injuries occur in people between the ages of 15 and 24, followed by children under 10 years old. The dangers of fireworks are so great that many experts recommend that consumers forgo using their own fireworks and instead watch public fireworks displays. However, if you choose to purchase and use your own fireworks, here are a few tips that can help you stay safe:

  • Avoid excessive alcohol use when using fireworks.
  • Keep water close by in case of fire or in case you need to douse a firework.
  • Stay legal–fireworks related laws are in place in order to protect you and the people around you.
  • Keep children a safe distance away from fireworks at all times.

Stay Safe Around Water

Many families spend time swimming or boating on the Fourth of July weekend. While this is a fun activity, there are some risks associated with water activities. Here are a few ways you can minimize your risk when you are on at the lake or pool:

  • Keep a close eye on children when they are swimming, playing near water, or on a boat. When young children drown in swimming pools, most of them have only been out of sight for five minutes. 
  • Do not mix water activities and alcohol. Not only do you risk legal repercussions for piloting a boat while drinking, you are at increased risk of a dangerous boating accident. Drinking and swimming is a potentially lethal combination of activities.
  • Make sure that everyone on the boat has a life jacket and that it fits properly. You should also make sure that everyone keeps their life jacket on the entire time they are near the water.

Outdoor Activities Safety

Along with fireworks and swimming, many of the safety risks people face during the Fourth of July weekend come from the extended time that they will spend outdoors. There are some ways that you can make sure you and your family enjoy the outdoors safely.

  • Make sure you and your family wear sun screen and that you reapply it according to manufacturer’s directions. If you are participating in water activities, make sure that you choose a sun screen designed to be worn in the water.
  • Remember that some medications can cause sun sensitivity. Check with your physician if you have any questions about whether extended sun exposure might be a problem with your medications.
  • Make sure to keep kids away from the grill.
  • Be sure to cover any food to keep insects at bay. Make sure that foods are kept at the proper temperatures to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

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