Stroke Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

May is American Stroke Month. As part of this initiative, Test Smartly Labs is sharing stroke prevention tips.

First, the basics on strokes: a stroke is like an attack on the brain, and it’s an event that nearly 800,000 Americans experience every year. Strokes happen when blood isn’t able to circulate to the brain, causing blood cells to die. Knowing the warning signs of a stroke and understanding stroke prevention can mean avoiding this particularly hazardous condition.

Stroke Warning Signs

People who feel a sudden numbness on one side of the body or who become overwhelmingly confused all at once may be experiencing a stroke. Other stroke signals may include difficulty with vision, loss of coordination and a sudden, inexplicable headache.

Those with a family history of strokes tend to have a greater susceptibility to the condition as do people between the ages of 55 and 85. Nonetheless, strokes can happen to members of any age group.

Stroke Prevention

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is the most important component of stroke prevention. That healthy lifestyle begins with a nutritious diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Choose whole grains and lean proteins, and make a point of limiting salt intake. A sensible diet will help you maintain a healthy weight. Since being obese increases your risk of stroke, sticking to your recommended weight is another stroke prevention tip. Additionally, the more physically active you are, the better your odds of stroke prevention. Aim for a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week. Stroke prevention can also be achieved by quitting smoking and refraining from heavy alcohol consumption.

Medical Conditions and Stroke Prevention

Many medical conditions put people at greater risk for stroke. These include high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. All of these conditions are common in America, and it’s not unusual to suffer from more than one of them. This makes it extremely important to make and keep doctor’s appointments and to take all prescribed medications. Doing so is just one more way to help prevent a stroke.

How Can Test Smartly Labs Help With Stroke Prevention?

Test Smartly Labs provides wellness services for employers and individuals looking to reduce stroke risk. Our wellness lab testing includes cholesterol checks, diabetes and heart disease risk assessments, and blood pressure checks. Our convenient locations provide accurate and confidential results; employers can also schedule on-site wellness checks.

To get started with stroke prevention, contact your closest Test Smartly Labs today!

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