Maintaining a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Almost everyone is overwhelmed by the challenge of eating gluten-free. At first, it feels like the diet eliminates all the food you love or have emotional connections with. You might even feel paranoid — like you’re surrounded by gluten and nothing is safe. It takes awhile to begin to feel comfortable with the diet and confident about your food choices. Continue reading “Maintaining a Gluten-Free Lifestyle” »

Celiac Disease: Why Going Gluten-Free Isn’t a Fad for Many

Those who have begun following a gluten-free lifestyle are often judged for their new eating habits. Many have even called a gluten-free lifestyle a fad, but there is significant evidence that this diet change can be very beneficial for many. Continue reading “Celiac Disease: Why Going Gluten-Free Isn’t a Fad for Many” »

Gluten Free Alternatives for Your Everyday Life

Going gluten free all the rage, and might be considered a fad. However, for people diagnosed with celiac disease, removing the infamous and villainous protein is a necessity.

With the public awareness of gluten higher than ever, many gluten free alternatives to American diet staples have made their way to grocery store shelves and restaurant menus to meet market demand.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Alternatives for Your Everyday Life” »