College Students Partying This Spring Break? Watch Out for These Risks

With temperatures going up and the sun coming out, people are starting to get excited about spring break — particularly college students.

While television shows and movies have glamorized the spring break scene, in reality, there are very real dangers that students and their parents should know about.

If you or your college student plans on hitting up the beach this spring break, be aware of these risks!

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February is International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

February is an important month for expectant families.

It’s designated International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month, a time for soon-to-be-parents to educate themselves on diseases that can be potentially fatal to unborn children.

In addition to the many sexually transmitted diseases that can have dangerous medical effects on infants, there are a number of other infections expectant mothers and fathers should be aware of; we’re highlighting some¬†below.

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How Hepatitis C Affects Overall Health

At Test Smartly Labs, we encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. After all, if you don’t who will? Many illnesses have only mild or hard to diagnose symptoms. So part of taking responsibility for your well being is learning about how common illnesses affect the body.

Today, let’s take a look a hepatitis C and the impact it has on your health.

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