Why UV Exposure is a Real Health Risk 

The sun that brings heat and light to the world can also cause damage to its inhabitants.

As the ozone layer thins, UV exposure increases to alarming levels. This leads to a host of health problems.

During the summer, many families spend extra time outdoors when on vacation or when enjoying play with their children. When people know about the risks of UV exposure, they can continue to enjoy the outdoors as safely as possible.

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Minimize Dangerous UV Exposure for Your Kids

After a long winter everyone is excited about getting a little sun exposure. Unfortunately, being in the sun also means getting UV exposure.

Because UV exposure is one of the biggest risk factors for the development of skin cancer, it’s important to limit sun exposure. This is especially true for kids whose delicate skin is particularly vulnerable to the effects of UV exposure.

Instilling good sun exposure habits in your kids today may be the best way for them to have healthy skin for life. Here’s what we recommend!

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