Take Holiday Stress Seriously & Fight it With These Tips!

Neverending shopping lists. Wrapping. Cookie baking. Cleaning houses for guests. Sending out the cards. Pulling out the tree.

Somehow, around the holidays, chores compile and overwhelm, dimming the merriest of spirits.

Holiday stress shouldn’t be taken lightly, as your mental health can take a serious toll around this time of year. Here are our tips for keeping holiday stress in check!

Keep Holiday Stress at Bay!

Take a Holiday HikeWinter Hike

Ever get cabin fever when the temperatures drop? Sometimes, bundling up and seeking out the winter sun can help. Getting sunlight will stimulate serotonin production, making you feel better and fighting the onset of seasonal affective disorder (or SAD).

Plus, burning a few calories will help boost heart health and lower your cholesterol. When you’re healthier physically, you’re healthier mentally!

Eating Merry & Light

With all the holiday food around you, it’s easy to gorge — then feel the guilt. Focus on eating well this holiday season. Eat treats in moderation and load up on healthier dishes, like veggies, lean meats, and fruits. Eat before you go to holiday parties so you’re not relying on snack foods to serve as your meal. Don’t stress-eat — if you find yourself binging, it’s time to step away from the food.

Remember What Matters

Worried your house isn’t clean enough or the gifts aren’t grand enough? That’s not what matters, and you know it. Keep the important things in mind: your health, your family, and your friends. Be joyful for what you have rather than dwelling on mistakes or items that went unchecked from the to-do list.

Health for the Holidays (And Year-Round)

Test Smartly Labs wishes you the happiest of holidays and a bright new year. Our nationwide walk-in facilities can provide wellness services you need to beat stress and stay healthy, including basic health screenings. To get started, find your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!

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